Margarita Pete -                Frozen Drink Machine Rental and Mix sales,, and Did someone say Infused Coffee?

Frozen Drink and Juice Machine services,, Mix sales by the Box!.. or by the Pallet. Coming in 2024.. Tequila, Bourbon and Rum infused Coffee Beans!

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Margarita Pete

Drink Machine Rental & Lease Services for Slushy Drinks , Margaritas and Juice machines.

I provide mixes in bulk and have access to a huge selection of flavors.


Phone Orders - 469 878 5335

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Or give us a call at (469) 878 5335
Ordering is easy - Just 3 Steps to providing tasty bevarages for your party..
1 - Call or Email Pete to check for availability
2 - Choose how many Mixes and Machines - (see below for an estimate of drinks per batch)
3 - Purchase your alcohol - ( I am not permitted by law to provide alcohol)
Let us know a few of days in advance.
Let us know what to expect at your location. For example:
Will the machine be located outside, or upstairs ?
When should the machine be picked up?
Can we drop the machine off early?
We Have Two (2) Flavor Machines. Twice the flavors, one machine.!!
Order early.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many drinks will a single batch make?

If the mix makes 5 gallons, you will get around 80 8oz drinks from it
If the mix makes 3 gallons, you will get around 50  8 oz drinks.
Most mixes make 5 gallons. ( see recipes link)

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It has become apparent  that  some Electrical Outlets are unable to provide sufficient amperage to Freeze Drinks. If there is no evidence of freezing after 45 minutes, then try another outlet.
Margarita Pete cannot be held responsible for insufficient power.



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