Margarita Pete -            Frozen Drink Machines Rental and Big  Outdoor Cinema Systems with Popcorn makers!!

Frozen Drink and Juice Machine services,, Mixes by the Box!.. or by the Pallet

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Slushies and Margaritas,,Outdoors Entertainment... Fun .. Fun .. Fun!

  Ask about  Lease Options for Chilled Drink Machines as well as Just Mix Sales.


Arriving Soon. Outdoor Movie Experiences -

Popcorn too!! 

Serving Denton, Tarrant and Dallas Counties

Thank you for visiting Margarita Pete!.

I am Pete, and my purpose is to satisfy your requirements for frozen beverages at your event.

I use restaurant quality Crathco 3311 Frozen Beverage Single Flavor Machines as well as Faby - 2 Flavor Machines.

My prices are competitive and my deliveries are very flexible to suit your schedule.

I am moving toward completing that outdoors experience. 12ft  Outdoor TV's, with Audio and DVD Players.

Rates will start at $350* - Includes a Popcorn maker.

(* prices are custom depending on support requirement)


All Major Credit Cards are accepted. 


Ask about long term drink machine  rentals. Monthly dues starting at $160

Outdoor Cinema rentals starting around $350 *



This is the 3311 - Makes 5 Gallons of Margaritas - Freezes in about 60 to 90 minutes. It does very well outdoors as well as indoors. Proper power (Dedicated Circuit) required.

This is the Faby 2-Bowl, Makes 2.5 gallons each side. Allow at least 2 hours to  freeze. Will freeze in direct sun.. But needs extra time.

12ft of outdoor cinema entertainment. Includes speakers, DVD player and projector. HDMI Connection .

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